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Trip to Scotland!

I just made a fantastic trip to Scotland with my author friend, Lauren Royal, researching places that will appear in my next book! We stayed in a haunted castle, braved hundreds of slippery steps to storm-tossed Dunnottar, saw Queen Mary's chambers at Holyrood, went pub-hopping in Edinburgh, and interviewed the expert at the world's oldest golf course! If you'd like to see my photos, check out the photo album "2009 Trip to Scotland." If you'd like to see what I wrote in the guestbook at Rosslyn Castle, read on...


DO have a nice stiff drink upon your arrival. You deserve it after the harrowing squeeze across the Bridge of Death.

DO NOT have a stiff drink before attempting the hairpin curve.

DO bolt up to the second floor as soon as possible so you can claim the "good" bedroom before anyone else does.

DO NOT change the settings on the heaters. God only knows how they work. According to the instructions, you have to be some sort of weather psychic to operate them.

DO use the upstairs toilet. The lower one, the Icebox Throne of Death, is intended only for punishment of unruly children.

DO NOT make fun of the portraits of little boys in women's clothing. They're rich. They can dress as they please. Does your family own a castle?

DO brag to everyone that you showered in a dungeon.

DO take a flashlight and a strong sense of skepticism when you explore the deep, dark, dank depths of Rosslyn's Underworld, which you will inevitably do at midnight, when things are most likely to be scurrying about.

DO NOT attempt to cook a full Scottish breakfast in the single-file kitchen. Take meals at the supermarket cafe down the road, and tell friends you supped with Lord Sainsbury.

DO NOT pay attention to that shriek you hear in the middle of the night. It's not the ghost of some dead dog. It's probably one of your housemates sitting on the Icebox Throne of Death.

DO NOT get cocky about the bridge, especially if you're driving a rental car.

DO have as much fun as we did!

[Check out my vacation photos HERE]

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