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April Announcement

I have an important announcement this month. After a wonderfully rewarding career as an author, writing and publishing eight novels since 2000, meeting some of you, the most delightful and loyal readers, through fan letters and at booksignings, I’ve decided that maybe it’s time for me to move on, so I’m going to start pursuing my lifelong dream of being an auditor for the IRS.

April Fool!

Actually, as long as colorful characters keep filling my head with adventures and demanding I tell their stories, I guess I’ll keep writing them down. And as long as you continue to enjoy them, I suppose the publisher will keep cranking them out. (Besides, I’m not so hot at taxes.)

For those of you counting, there’s only one more month till my new book, DANGER’S KISS, hits the shelves! I’ve got some very exciting news (and this is NOT an April Fool). Romantic Times BOOKClub, the leading romance book review magazine, gave me four and a half stars and a “Top Pick�? recommendation!

Here’s a snippet of Kathe Robin’s review: “McKerrigan has crafted her tale like a bard’s ballad, capturing the era with rich detail and feisty characters. This compelling medieval action-adventure romance is all that McKerrigan’s readers desire.�?

And here’s what Lucele Coutts of Novel Talk had to say: “In DANGER’S KISS, Sarah McKerrigan has really done it this time, as she tries to prove she is as daring as her characters, pitting the most unlikely pair together, expecting them to end their head-to-head combat and be at peace. So will she finally lose this one? Of course not! She is Sarah McKerrigan of the magic pen... From page one, this story will grab you, and keep you fiercely reading to the very last page. You cannot miss this one.�?

If you’re still not inspired, click on Sarah’s Books on the left, then Danger’s Kiss. You can read an excerpt for yourself, and if you like what you read, pre-order the book right from my site (you’ll be buying it from Amazon).

Be sure to take the new poll to choose your favorite Robin Hood movie!

So do any of you have aspirations of quitting your job as an auditor for the IRS and writing novels? Here’s a fun little site where you can create your own historic tale, using characters from the Bayeux Tapestry:

May all your April Fool’s jokes be harmless!


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